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Spotlight Artist * Bharti Dayal * – Madhubani/Maithili Paintings

Bharti Dayal – Madhubani Artist from INDIA. Her art represents the amalgamation of the deep-rooted traditional art practice with the contemporary themes. Bharti Dayal’s ardent desire is to spread cosmic harmony amongst humankind through her work.

courtesy  Bharti Dayal & NOVICA 

Bharti Dayal was born in December, 1961, from Samastipur in northern Bihar, INDIA. The region that bears high eminence in ancient Indian history, and preserves the rich heritage of folk paintings known as Mithila, or Madhubani paintings. Bharti inherited this art from her family.
Madhubani art traditionally use the painting materials made from vegetables, minerals and alike substances found in nature. Bharti has a post-graduate degree in botany, which helped her more in identifying natural sources of colors from plants that she uses in her artworks.

In respect with the designs and forms while remaining true to the traditional roots, Bharti Dayal induced an intellectual edge into her paintings, thus lending them a more contemporary look. Today she has several associate Madhubani artists in Bihar with whom she works in unison to create unique works of art. No time frame can be given for the completion of a painting. It can either be a whole day under the effect of inspiration, while others can linger on for months.


  •  1991 – Prestigious award from All India Fine Arts and Crafts for fifty years of art in independent India.
  • March 1995 – French Television made a documentary on my paintings that was subsequently shown on Discovery Channel
  • 1998 – Selected for the 71st Annual Paintings competition of All India Fine Arts and Crafts.
  • 1999 – The 9th All India Fine Arts and Craft competition for traditional painting.
  • 2000-01 – The state Award for Kalamkari in Mithila painting.
  • 2001 – The top award in Millennium Art competition for My painting, ‘Eternal Music,’ from AIFAC.
  • 2007 – Won the National Award for excellence in handicrafts, also known as the President’s Award.

Because of the space concern not all of the achievements are mentioned here. You can check out her biography in detail at Bharti Dayal website.

Bharti Dayal on from Aman Dayal on Vimeo.

References: Team NOVICA

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Tribut to Indian Folk Painting Styles………


Hope you all must be having lots of fun with art & craft projects. The spring is at the corner and a great time is coming to go out and explore new art and meet the artists and learn new things.

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Art is not a thing; it is a way.      – Elbert Hubbard

Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.      – Amy Lowell

Dessein All since beginning has always been discussing and promoting Indian folk art. It started with Warli and Madhubani Painting styles. After a long break Dessein All is starting up a month to month series of articles on the Indian Folk Art Painting Styles. Indian art is a true representation of the Indian culture, Indian traditions and the Indian society. This is a tribute to the folk art and folk artists of India. The objective is to cover different types of Indian Painting styles, practiced throughout the Indian subcontinent, which use diverse processes. Through these series of articles we will be discussing each one style for the whole month. That will include different categories such as:

  • Region & History of painting style
  • Know the artists
  • Original process
  • Know the Materials
  • DIY – to encourage the art practice

So let’s get ready with us for an exciting ride to the exotic land of ‘Indian Folk Art’


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Fabric Painting Techniques

Fabric painting is a creative way to transform plain fabric with your own design. Even if your drawing skills are minimal, there are a wide variety of stamps, stencils and other tools that you can use. Natural fabrics hold fabric paints better than synthetics, but make sure your fabric paint is designed for your type of fabric. You can use an embroidery hoop or attach the fabric to a wooden frame to make it easier to paint on.
Other techniques
Spray painting
Block printing
These are the hand painting  and printing techniques those you can easily practice at home after taking necessary precautions.
Warning : An adult person should supervise, if children under age 10 are using any of these techniques which involve chemical paints/spray guns/sharp tools.

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