About Harvets Festival

Hello all this is Shubhangi….

The Harvest Festival  at Long Beach was one of the best experience we had in recent times.  People appreciated our work and what more can a artist ask when your work is liked !
We also made new friends, Michelle, Chris and Kaya, Tony and Tin Thank you for encouraging us and your support.I remember this sweet little girl Trinity too !
The best part of such shows is that you meet so many people and they share different experiences.It is nice to see so many artist and craters coming together.  My favorite crafter from the show was golddippedleaves  jewelery. Here is their website : http://www.golddippedleaves.com

We look forward in participating in such shows in future.

DSA @ Harvest festival Long beach!

“Thank you everybody for support and encouragement”…. DSA.