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Dessein All’s first brochure design. Three fold brochure gives details of the artists , design services offered and the traditional arts & crafts from India.

‘Exploring Enchanting Tribal Arts from Indian Subcontinent’

 Dessein All’s introductory line “Tribal” is inspired by the Asian Indian Tribal Painting Arts namely “Warli” and “Madhubani”.

Below are the Warli patterns hand painted on the totes.

 The Green bag on right is Madhubani inspired Tote bag.

Further Sales information on inquiry, contact to

Hello to design world!

The Indian subcontinent has been blessed with it’s heritage of art & craft. Shubhangi is a professional Interior Designer (MFA)  and Anagha is a professional Textile Designer (MFA). Their team Dessein all is all set up to launch its introductory textile and craft products line called as “Tribal” which will mainly focus on the theme of Asian Indian Tribal arts.